Mark Whitaker Supports:

Fully Funding Education

Fair and Effective Economic Development

Healthy and Safe Communities

Jobs with Living Wages

Expanding Housing Opportunities

Addressing Poverty

Recognizing the Humanity of Each Person


As an elected-official,


- Voted, EVERY YEAR, for 16 years to FULLY FUND EDUCATION and to increase pay for our teachers and staff to be competitive; 

- Voted for the equitable distribution of city and school contracts;

- Proposed and Voted for a Disparity Study that proved egregious discrimination in contracting exists in Portsmouth as evidenced by a statistically significant difference in the utilization of women and minority contractors versus white contractors by the Portsmouth Public Schools and the City of Portsmouth.  

- Voted for affordable housing;

- Voted against a recommendation from the City Manager to build a "waste dump" in Cavalier Manor or Brighton/Prentis Park;

- Advocated for jobs with living wages;

- Advocated and Voted for a Pay Equity Study to ensure equitable pay in Portsmouth Public Schools;

- Voted for addressing Poverty by using a research based approach;

- Advocated  for transparency in requiring an open-bid process in the development of the waterfront;

- Advocated against the non-solicited bid process for developing the waterfront for lacking transparency and market utility;

- Advocated for equity in the hiring of Police as recommended by President Obama's Task Force on  21st Century Policing;

- Advocated for equity in the hiring of Firefighters;

- Voted to examine means for reducing the tunnel toll;

- Proposed and Voted to remove the Confederate Monument 5 years ago in 2015;

- Advocated and Voted for Middle School Athletics Program;

- Voted for the First College Program.



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